How do I go about checking on an order?

My order shipped Feb 1. It was supposed to arrive Feb 17th (Canada, west cost). Who/how do I find or contact to track it down.
An email to goes unanswered.

Hi Gary,

Sorry that happened, it seems to be a postal service issue.
We cannot reply to all emails in realtime, but I will send you an email with the detailed information later today. Please don’t worry, you will receive your items.

Thanks for your patience.

I believe mine got caught up in the same delay. Headed to BC, Canada on Feb 2 with an estimated arrival of Feb 17th as well. For whatever reason it didn’t leave Hong Kong until Feb 11th. It just shows up like this since then . . .

EDIT: Just received a text from my wife saying a package from Emlid arrived!

Gary, yours shouldn’t be much behind mine.

I did. Thanks for the reassurance.