How can I add 10000m to the height of my base station?

Thank you for a great product.

I am working on a solution for a mining application and have run into a problem that I need some assistance with.

When a mine is underground and located close to sea level, the survey team add 10,000 meters to the actual height or RL.

As an example, if the actual RL is actually 10m, the mines systems report 10,010m.

They do this so that they never report a negative RL.

Another thing I found out was that this 10,000 is only added at the base station when the mine us using another brand of GPS Base, and the rovers get this level via the correction data.

The rovers out in the field all use the correction data with this off set included to report the +10,000 to the reported RL.

When I am setting up my Reach RS base station, in the “Base Mode” settings, I wanted to add this 10,000 to the elevation, but it is only allowing me to add up to 6.5535m.

Can you please tell me how I would add this to the base so that the receivers would be able to use this RL?



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