Hemisphere A325 Smart Antenna with Reach RTK Module or Reach RS integraton

Hello community,

I’m planning on buying a Reach RTK Module and I have a Hemisphere A325, with RTK available, but have to use a base station that I have to pay over for the service and an internet hotspot for correction. And I want to detach from them.

My doubt is if I can use the Hemisphere GPS as a base station with the Reach RTK Module or use the Hemisphere as rover and the Reach RS as base station?

More general can I mix the Hemisphere A325 GPS antenna with the EMLID products?

If there is a post it would be find to redirect me to it.




The A43 is just an antenna, not a GPS receiver, so it will not work as a rover or base.

Sorry got the model wrong.

Its a A325 GNSS Smart Antenna.
Is it still the same?

Here is the linkl to it,

I have edited the post to the correct antenna that I have.


Most of the information you need should be available here.


Page 12 and 23 of the “User Guide (English)” have the pinouts of the A325 connection and information on the ports you need for correction data and positioning output.

You might try to get some technical help from a dealer that sells the A325.

i would first try using the Reach for a base station and the A325 for the rover.

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