Height of the instrument

I did somes measurements in static mode, and aprocesssed the file afert that i saw that i never enter4d the heiht of the instruments. Anybdy know where is, please?.

Did you do them from the Survey tab?

I think you meant that you are using RTKPOST. For that, look here in the docs for “Positions” tab:

In the Positions tab, see the Rover section; check the tick-box for Antenna-Type; see the 3 numeric fields for “Delta-E/N/U (m)” and enter your rover antenna height in the last field, named “U” (for UP in East/North/Up)

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Not. Gor logging

Sorry, just logging

There is no antenna height for logging.

There is antenna height for:

  1. ReachView; Survey Project and Point Collection.
  2. RTKPOST / post-processing
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And. in post process the elevation of my control point is wrong ? Right?

In post processing, the elevation of your control point is set in the same “Positions” tab under “Base Station”. The antenna height of the base can be specified there, just like you do with the rover.rtkpost_positions_base-height_annotation


Oh I see and understand right now. Thank you so much i will. Che k it up tomorrow.

Thanks again

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Hello bide thanks so much


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