Hardware Request: External Emlid LoRa radio with BT / serial port

Whilst I eagerly await delivery of my RS2 rover/base pair hopefully later in the week…

I thought I’d take a moment to humbly request the Emlid team to consider making a self-contained LoRa external radio (that is fully compatible with the Emlid radio protocol) with serial and/or Bluetooth connection.

Such a radio would be a great alternative to existing UHF or VHF radios and enormously expand the potential to link the Reach RS2 in particular to other third party base and rover receivers, offering another avenue into low cost and high performance RTK solutions from Emlid.

I feel there is a very strong market for this in traditional survey as well as precision agriculture where the cost of portable RTK base / receivers from the established brands is still very high.

Any thoughts on this?


Hi @DirtyHarry,

Thanks for the suggestion! We will consider this. :slightly_smiling_face:


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