Hardware issue on GPS becoming erratic on my Navio2?

GPS has now become erratic on my Navio 2 board. Sometimes it just works fine and sometimes I just get 0 satelitte. This happens despite same locations, same weather and same hardwarde set-up. It even occured that I completely lose GPS during flight.
I suspect a hardware issue my board… Anybody encountering the same problem?

I will probably install an external GPS for recover a more robust situation. Do you have advices on good devices that are compliant with Navio? I found this device http://www.banggood.com/Ublox-NEO-M8N-Flight-Controller-GPS-with-Protective-Shell-for-PIX-PX4-Pixhawk-p-1005394.html?rmmds=search

Thanks for the advice

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I guess it might be an antenna connector rather than Navio issue. Could you try pushing/rotating/twitching the connector whilst configuring. I reckon you’ll see a difference in the HUD.

Congrats georges you are perfectly right
I am now looking for some mean to secure the connection…

Good to hear we’ve almost worked it out. It’d be nice to hear from you when you’ll have the issue sorted out.

I tried special “electrical spray” that cleans and improves connection quality --> seemed to be better but still some erratic disconnections
I tried “Compex” electrical gel (you know the gel to be applied for muscles electrical stimulation) --> again seemed to be better but still some erratic disconnections

I only see as a reliable solution to change the soldered connector on Navio2 board but I feel going for an external GPS + compass connected through UART and I2C for 20 EUR are as well making the deal…

It is indeed quite tricky to get disconnected while in an autonomous mission :frowning: