Hardware accessories required to connect a Reach M+ to a Navio 2?


I’d like to add a Reach M+ to my Navio 2 using an RTRIP subscription which we’ll forward to the Navio over Mavlink. I can’t work out from the store or other guides exactly which 6P cable I need to purchase to connect the M+ to the Navio (there are three options), and whether I:

  • Swap the existing Navio GPS antenna to the M+
  • Need a second, different GPS antenna for the M+ and no longer use the Navio one
  • Use the existing Navio GPS antenna and the existing Navio antenna at the same time.

Could someone clarify this for me?


Hi @robinhilliard,

You can use this one.

I’d recommend configuring Reach M+ as a second GNSS module with another GNSS antenna. We suggest using a Tallysman antenna with Reach M+.

The GNSS antenna that comes with Navio2 should be connected to Navio2 to provide built-in GNSS module with satellite visibility.

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