Happy New Year!

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Hello friends,

New Year is almost here and it is time for us to look back and see what we have achieved in 2015. This year was a big one for us!


In the beginning of the year we started shipping Navio+ which was a remake of original Navio in a HAT standard with some improvements. A couple of months after that Raspberry Pi Foundation presented Raspberry Pi 2 which was a little bit tricky to support due to the new processor, but despite anything we delivered. Improved performance was well worth the effort!

Navio+ not only inspired a lot of drone enthusiasts to make awesome builds, but also showed that Linux autopilots are a way to go thanks to a higher performance, large memory resources and wide networking capabilities. A year ago it was a very novel idea, but as we are approaching 2016 it seems like Linux autopilots are clearly the future. A few other similar solutions appeared finally giving us some challenge.

To keep the bar high we’ve combined our own experience with the amazing feedback from the community and developed a new version - Navio2. Together with Raspberry Pi 2 it is the most advanced Linux autopilot featuring dual IMU, built-in GNSS receiver, flexible RC IO co-processor and advanced power circuitry.


In May we have presented Reach - the first affordable RTK GPS receiver. Reach crowdfunding campaign raised required amount in just a day and ended with more than 300% of the initial goal! That was a sign that the idea was spot on and we vigorously dived into development.

Unfortunately, we had to delay shipping of Reach RTK modules for a couple of months. The lesson has been learned - some components are not as easy to get as it seems. We sincerely apologize for the delay, and are very thankful for trusting in us. In general staying in stock is still one of the major challenges for us as we grow.

Reach is a big leap forward for RTK systems both in price and ease of use. It keeps evolving and getting new features with every software update. After having to deal with clumsy software for popular GNSS receivers, that required a PC to run, having ReachView feels like a revolution to us. You can simply connect to the receiver with your smartphone at any time to change the settings or monitor performance.

Many of you are awaiting their Reach, good news are that we have new batch ready and will ship them next week!


At the beginning of 2015 there were only 4 of us squeezed in a tiny space, now we are 10 people and enjoy a spacious office with roof access for GPS tests. Initially in the team everybody was doing everything and as our team grows, it allows everyone to have better focus on the tasks resulting in a more effective development and support of Navio and Reach. Thanks to your support we keep growing at a very fast pace!

Our community is definitely a big part of Navio and Reach success. Thank you so much for testing, for helping each other and for inspiring us!

We have also prepared new exciting products coming out in 2016 so stay tuned!

Happy New Year!

Sincerely yours,
Emlid Team


Happy new year emild community! I wish everyone a happy healthy 2016.

Happy new year! :slight_smile:

Happy new year to all of you… :evergreen_tree:

Some countries regulations are becoming more strict every day and in some cases they are now requiring redundant solutions for the sUAV to grant a flying license. The Navio2 seems to move forward in that direction and I hope the new products coming out in 2016 will keep that in consideration.

Happy New Year!

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