Green blue alternately

Hi, @igor.vereninov @TB_RTK @bide
What the meaning of green led then blue alternately
Green-blue-blue-blue-blue(fast blink blue) - green
Thank you

Scanning network i presume

I can connect my smartphone to reach AP, but I can’t open ReachView, my notebook connect too, and can open ReachView. I use my notebook to connect my reach to my smartphone wifi, and I can open ReachView. It’s strange…

What browser are you using on your phone?

Chrome. Suddenly i couldn’t open ReachView, before now, I can. I have cleared Chace…

Happend before on same reachview version?
Tried 192.168.x.x:5000 and hit reboot?.
Experience similar issue, but i suspect it to bad satellite signals ( booting reach up indoor in the window).
And one time i had to reflash it, probably something went wrong during update from 2.6.0 to 2.7.0

But I can open ReachView in my notebook…

Not sure what this issue is :mask:

I was getting solid green LED, but has changed to BLU-GRN-BLU-GRN-BLU-GRN…

Seems to function OK,

Hi, I have found the problem… :grimacing:
My smartphone setting is changed… Then I fix it, ReachView comeback in my smartphone… Solved… :grimacing:

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