GPS AR mode

what is the best option for RTK
Fix-and-Hold or Continuous?

Depends a lot on your usecase. But generally, my findings are:

  • fix and hold will give you more fix solutions at long baselines
  • you will get more fix solutions with fix and hold if having poor signal quality, however, not necessarily more usable, as they will be clustered in a potentially wierd way.
  • continuous will give you a truer picture, but also a larger rms.
  • if you have good signal quality and short baseline, it doesn’t really matter what you use.

Thank you Christian

Hi Luis,

Here’s ours “Fix-and-Hold vs Continuous”, maybe it will be of interest to you:

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Hello Tatiana, I could not understand much because different projections are mixed. There are differences in measurements between the ellipsoid and the plane coordinate reference frame that I use. I do not know what is the reason for using continuous or fix and hould the developers have put these two types of measurement. I use in the continuous base and in Rover fix and Hold version 2.17.0 and recover to fixed in a few seconds. What left me with the doubt is that for stakeout recommended continuous in the Rover? with fix and hold I have differences of 20 cm or I have to wait some time for me to get under the centimeter.

Christian I tried with continuous in the base and in the Rover fix and hold, at the time of stakeout I have differences of 20 cm, I return after having made other measurements and I get the stakeout 0.005 m, it will be that the Rover has to be in continuous for stakeout?

for stake out, is continuous mode recommended?

to measure fix and hold points? for stakeout out continuous? I understood that. The base as it would be configured?

Maybe someone else can help with your question for what the setting should be for EACH the BASE and the ROVER for your STAKING application. I am not sure either, but from what I understand is that FIX & HOLD may provide faster FIX but may also not be as accurate as CONTINUOUS where you may need extra time to get a FIX, but a more ACCURATE result. Seems to me if you don’t mind the extra time, but need more accuracy, then CONTINUOUS… but that is “my” assumption… and maybe other more experienced users may know?

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I think Tore means by “moving device”, like a drone, vehicle etc. Where your using a rover pole, point by point…

Yes tim Point at Point

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