GPRMC NMEA sentence missing from Serial output


I have a setup for collecting georeferenced video which requires the GPRMC NMEA sentence. Currently, I have observed (through Putty) that the output sentences from the Emlid receiver are GSA, GSV, GST and VTG. I have not been able to find a clear method for outputting GNRMC from the receiver (though the quick start guide does say that this sentence is supported

I realize that there may be an issue for my setup in distinguishing between GPRMC and GNRMC but at this point I’m hoping to resolve the first issue of having the Reach unit output that sentence.

Thanks for your help!


Hi Luba,

What ReachView version do you have? Did you make tests outside?

Hi Dmitriy

I have been using ReachView v 2.11.0 and the test was done indoors.


Please try testing outdoors with at least Single solution and you will see GNRMC message through Putty.

Just conducted the test and am receiving the GNRMC sentence. I’m wondering whether the issue is that my overlay unit is specifically looking for the GPRMC NMEA sentence (


The camera you are using indeed might want to see GP talker ID for RMC message. We stick to the industry standard for NMEA output. Currently, it is GN so it will stay the same in the future updates of ReachView app.

Please try contacting the manufacturer of your camera to check whether it provides any firmware updates or workaround for the equipment outputting GNRMC.

Hi Dmitriy

Thanks for your feedback. After conducting some more testing it appears that the issue is not the sentence structure (as my unit will read either GP- or GN-RMC sentences) but that I need to be able to control either the rate at which NMEA sentences are output OR reduce the number of sentences that are coming out over serial. I tested my unit with another GNSS receiver and found that my unit can handle reading up to 5 NMEA sentences at 1 Hz but beyond that starts to experience time lags. Or it can read upwards of 5 sentences with no lag at 0.5 Hz.

It would be really great if Emlid could provide the ability to select which NMEA sentences are output over serial and/or the frequency of this output. I assume that, currently, this is not an option. Having looked at other forum discussions this feature would likely be of use to multiple other Emlid users.

Is this an issue that Emlid is considering in a future update?

Hi Luba,

Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider it. There are some challenges to making this configuration robust and user friendly, but we will figure it out.

Meanwhile, if you select 1Hz in RTK settings NMEA output is going to be 1Hz as well.

Hi Igor

I appreciate you looking into that.

I believe another fix for my current issue would be if I were able to output at 0.5 Hz. Is that something Emlid would be able to support?



Sorry for the delayed response.

We’ll definitely look into it

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