GNSS RINEX data hour out

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I never had this problem before with my M+ but with my M2 the timing is always an hour out of what it should be? I’m confused why this is happening?


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Do you mean time from the raw logs or the project’s files? Do you use the ReachView 3 app?


From the raw logs. I use data from the OS RINEX network as my base correction but have to correct the obs file so that the times match because the Emlid data is out by an hour. I do use the reachview 3 app. I couldn’t see how to correct this before starting the log but the system should know my location and give me the correct time?

Do you know why I didn’t have this issue oin my old emlid receiver?


Reach records GPST while logging. It’s the standard time record for a RINEX file. At the moment, you can’t change it in the app.

As for time in a ReachView 3 project, it records time according to your time zone. So, if you compare the recording time in the project and the raw logs, it can be different. Do you mean this difference?


Inside the raw log the observations are time stamps as 13 00 when they should be 14 00. Both the emlid and the os base are recording with UTC but only the os is recording in my time zone.

Both the project and raw logs have incorrect times

Hi @e.passey.1,

If the OS RINEX network transmits data in BST time (GMT +1), this may be the reason why the Reach’s time differs by 1 hour. However, the project should record data according to the time on your phone. Can you check if your phone is switched to summer time?

Can you specify your time zone? Also, please send me the CSV file, and raw data log from your Reach M2. I want to check the time there. If there’s any information you don’t want to show here, you can send it to

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Hi @e.passey.1,

I wanted to clarify if you sent us the data to our mail?

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