GNSS Predictor?

Is it gone? I saw it briefly when I had to reflash my 2 Reach RS units recently. I saw it oddly on the latest STABLE version of ReachView (v2.11.0)(not dev) which states it’s deprecated???. Was able to use it ONCE, then it was gone? Any way to switch it back on if it is in fact gone?

Thank you.

It’s gone because you can just load one up on your smartphone/tablet.

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Thanks bide.

It was nice it being right there though… I guess since “there’s an app for that” I’ll go that route beforehand.

EDIT: sure would be nice if it was brought back… was much more convenient and clean on a android phone in ReachView rather than using a webpage that isn’t scaling properly.

Here is a real nice app, the AR Display just doesn’t work on Note 8 Android 8.0.0 though which is a drag. When it loads, can see the AR satellites very briefly, but then disappear. : /

Anyone know of any similar apps that incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) to see the satellites?

Mobile Topographer has it too

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I really like this one: Settings - Mission planning , although it is only available through the web.
The really neat thing is the use of user defined obstructions. That makes it really good for picking out opportune moments for collecting data with limited skyview (and when not to do it!).

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