GLONASS Problem Still in V2.8.0

I’m still having the GLONASS problem in V2.8.0

I reset it back to defualt, turned on the LoRa Radio at 4.56kbs with only the std messages on at the standard rates. I also only turned on GLONASS & GPS.

I uploaded a video of the problem to you tube.

Check it out here - YouTube


Thanks for the detailed report. We know about this issue and are working on a fix. After several user reports, the LoRa driver has been seriously updated. However, RTKLIB, our processing engine, needs some improvements to work better in an environment where a part of corrections may go missing. This is a non-trivial rework, which requires time and testing.

My experience suggests that in practice this means you need to wait more for fix to stabilize, but nothing serious apart from that. I would recommend switching to fix-and-hold mode and using the 18 kpbs mode on the radios.

Thank you! where can i find the detials on what V2.8 did? So far I cant find anything. the other thing i’ve noitced int he last few version is the Wifi hotspot is problematic. It works for a while, then the webserver dies and you end up having to restart the device and baiscly the entire survey over.

All the update announcements are posted on the forum in the News section. Here’s the last, v2.8.0 one.

Regarding the wifi, you’ll have to be more specific. How much time passes before the error happens? Is the hotspot still alive? Is the updater (at 192.168.42.x:5000) still alive? What are your settings and setup?

The problem is a bit random and hard to nail down. So my work flow starts with me setting up a TP Link Mini Router to get the units fired up and see them side by side untill i have a solid fix. when Im ready to move into the field. I turn on the hot spot on both. a third of the time the hot spot will fire up but i can’t access anything. No 5000 port, and in Net Analyzer I can see that the websever never initalized after turning on the hotspot. the other 3rd of the time it fires up and seams normal then 5 to 20 minutes later the data stops flowing and when i try to refresh it. everything is dead and I have to restart.

Primaryly im using my Iphone, however I’ve had this problem using my laptop and even a doroid tablet from time to time.
One thing I have found to help keep this problem from happening as much is to set a static ip address for the hotspot network on my phone/laptop/devices to help them connect.

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