gLAB post processing software

Hey all,

Waiting on my Reach RS kit to arrive in the mail and I´m testing different methods for post processing.

During my internet search I´ve found gLAB. Download and kicked the tires with data-sets downloaded from the Emlid forum and it is super easy to use.

My question to all is gLAB a good and recommend software for post processing Reach RS data-sets for absolute accuracy? Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the download link to the software gLAB Tool Suite — Research group of Astronomy and GEomatics. gAGE — UPC. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

BTW- anyone else have any date-sets they could share with me to practice?

Hmm, I can’t concatenate multiple obs files… No gain it using it.
Also tried a diffucult dataset. It couldn’t get a single fix.
Will stick with RTKpost.

Thanks for the input, as a new user I do not know what is good and what is not. All info is is gold to me!!

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I’ve also downloaded GNSS Solutions. But when I convert a data set via rtkcon to R-2:10 and import into GNSS Solutions the program crashes. Not sure why. Do you have any advice? My end goal is collect GCPs for absolute accuracy. RTKLIB work flow is long and tedious. EZSURV is beyond my budget. It seems like there should be another software online somewhere because this tech is older than 10+ years. Any and all input is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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