Getting started guide that covers using camera and hotshoe

I am really struggling to get going with this… there are fragments of information but I can’t find anything like a comprehensive guide…

I have a Sony A7r connected via the Hotshoe to an M+ on C1. But where next? How can I confirm the hardware side works, I seem to need to get to a POS file but can’t find anything about how to do this…

Any pointers on an end to end guide would be really helpful.

When you process the data in RTKpost, you will get a .pos file out

Thanks … I will have a look…

But is there not a how to guide on this that covers the whole thing?

This shouls cover how to get the pos file at least:

Hi @Andrew_Griffiths,

As Christian wrote, you need to post-process the data using RTKLib. You will get 2 files as a result:

  1. .pos file

  2. .pos file with “__event”

The second one contains the precise coordinates for each time mark you have.

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