Getting pasture measurements with accurate locations

Some questions with the data I should expect to get back:

The Lefebure NTRIP app appears not to be storing the log, or at least I can’t find it. The screenshot suggests some problems with permissions?

I think there is a log stored on the Reach device, which I will try and get off.

Another question I have is whether an android device can get data associated with the location data (e.g. estimated accuracy of a fix). It seems a sensible thing to have available, but the specific platemeter app does not record any location “metadata”. I’m curious if this is an easy fix for an app developer.

The platemeter app records the data in an sqlite database, which you can explore from R very easily. Reports can be mailed from the app in various forms, but only one of which currently has individual location data (in kml). Ideally I’ll come up with a plan to sync the sql database to a more permanent storage. Ideally I would be able to get Lefebure log and reach log in a similar way?

Some results from testing:

Here’s the data from my testing of the RTK GPS (Emlid Reach M2) with a platemeter app to record measurements using the mock location from Lefebure NTRIP app.

Top left was me repeatedly measuring near three posts (which were in a line) sequentially, repeated three times. There was one point off to the lower left, which was clearly out of spec.

Then I switched to four posts, in a 5m by 5m square, each measured, then repeated to get 5 readings at each post. Top right was a fail – not sure why. Two final tests (lower plots, separate days), appear to work, though bottom right has one measure that looks out of spec.

I will check logs for location apps if I am able.

Plot using R and ggplot after reading platemeter data from its sqlite database. I’ll make a public GitHub repo of this if there is demand.

The test site:

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Hi @markbneal,

It’s hard to say exactly what the cause of this may be. I haven’t encountered this error in Lefebure before. If it disturbs your work, let’s try to figure it out. Did you try to record some logs in Lefebure, or did these error messages appear for no reason? If the last, does Lefebure stop passing data to the platemeter app?

Also, you’re right that you can record raw data logs via ReachView 3. However, I’m not sure if Lefebure can record it.

Yes, Reach M2 streams its position in NMEA format, including coordinates, estimated accuracy, etc. However, I assume Lefebure doesn’t pass this data further, or the platemeter app can’t receive or read this data. I can’t say if it’s an easy fix for devs or not, but it should be possible since Reach sends this data. I’d start with checking what data comes to the platemeter’s app from Lefebure.

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I’ve sent to field with another person to run, so unable to test direct it myself now. We’ve had some disconnections, and so they are upgrading the power bank to something that is rated for 3 amp output (the test powerbank was only rated for 1 amp) to see if that fixes it.

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On the Lefebure NTRIP app failing to store the logs, I asked Lance (creator of the app). His reply notes it is a known issue with Android 11, and he hopes to fix it in the next month or so. For a short term fix, try Android 10 phone.

Hi @markbneal,

Thanks for keeping us posted on your progress! That’s interesting information about Lefebure.

Yes, about this:

To work with Reach M2, you need to use the 4.75 - 5.5V power sources with up to 3A. So you’re right. This should really help.

After replacement, there was one disconnect I’m told. Would the reach logs be helpful to understand why?

Hi @markbneal,

Did I understand correctly that the receiver turned off during the test? If so, the raw log will not give us any information as to why it happened. However, you can share a Full system report from your Reach M2 with me so that I can check if the receiver is overheating in the logs.

To do this, go to Settings - General - System report - Generate full report. Please share it with me in PM or via as the report contains sensitive info.

Hi @markbneal,

I couldn’t find your message in our inbox. I just wanted to check if you sent it to us. Did you encounter the disconnect issue again?

Thanks for checking up, someone from the field crew will be in contact when they can.


All right, thanks for keeping me in the loop.

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