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Finally have some decent weather so have been out with my reach modules.
These are reach modules with version 2.11, my base is on a known point. Yesterday I spent quite a while adjusting parameters and finally got a FIX that held for an hour or more the AR validation went to 999.9 and stayed there. Today I am set in the same place with my base and rover at about the same time of day. I never got a fix with those same settings. I have spent 2 hours now trying to get a fix and was only able to briefly get a fix once or twice I had as many as 12 green bars and still only float?

I know you can post process and all but actually having a fix in the field should not be this difficult a problem I am in open skies wit 26 satellites showing on the status open skies etc.
Any ideas appreciated.
Jim McArthur

That is exactly where we must start in order to try and determine what the problem is. Can you provide: Base’s raw log, Rover’s position log, Rover’s base corrections log, and Base’s raw log?

You’ve been around long enough that I know you know what you are doing. But just in case there was something that got overlooked in the settings, maybe upload a simple system report for base and rover first.

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Hi Bide

I am just getting old and grumpy. I just dont think unless the reach modules are changing settings that one day later I should have to change may settings after having a rock solid fix the day before and me not changing anything either. It would be different if I was in different location or at different time of day or longer period of days in between setup, even then I dont believe we should have to make great changes in the setup to get a fix. I know emlid has their hands full and there are many different users but the basic setup should be the same.

My rant for the day.
Thank You
Jim mcArthur

Well, if there was no change in the software, hardware, or location, then it must have been a change in the environment :radio: emission_right_sm or up in the sky! :zap::artificial_satellite: :high_brightness:


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