Geocaching or similar waypoint guidance with reach


does anyone know how to use e.g.previously recorded or external waypoints for a guidance system in field?

The aim is to find somewhere in the wild the exact and precise location of a former waypoint, using ntrip correction and the reach unit…

I crawled the forum but did not found something useful.

Some hints?


With mobile topographer you can import and stakeout points.
Also mapit gis works.

oh , yes, that’s the workaround for android or windows. You’re right.
Any solution for iOS only?

Will be the promised “point stakeout feature” ( be able to communicate for that purpose also with older Reach units?

I am a huge geocache’r, so far my phones has been the fastest for use. Geocaching only gets you close for the “hunt” a more precise gps IMO wouldn’t really help

Hehe, funny approach and well said.
But, have you ever tried finding a nut or a bolt (previously survey but another dude) buried in sand/gravel/dirt and whatnot with 5-10m radius?

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Well, not geocaching that is haha. But I’ve had some doozies

But i do agree with you, ordinary gps on phones does it. Most of them are placed with ditto inaccurate gps, so it would not help.

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I totally agree

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