Future Request: API (RESTFull?)

Dear Emlid Team,
is there a plan on creating an API (maybe RESTFull) for the Reach M+ / M2’s?

An API would open possibilities to automize changing settings or viewing them programmatically by the user, rather than manually changing them.

E.g. we use the M2’s in several of our drones and would like to change settings, check whether a fix is acquired, corrections are being received, make sure that the logging is turned on, and how many good satellites are available, programmatically through software.


Hi @darellon,

Sorry it took so long to get to you!

We’ll definitely note your request. Implementing an API is in our roadmap. However, it’s a long process so it won’t be a quick release. For now, I can’t be more specific about the dates.


@polina.buriak thank you for your reply.
Looking forward to the addition of an API in the future :sunglasses:

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