For Sale: Phantom 4 to Emlid Link, Emlid Reach, Tallysman antenna


Due to work commitments, I have not had time to set this system up, and am selling.
I’m in Australia. And yes, I will separate.

Package includes:

  • Phantom 4 to Emlid Reach Timing Link with Instructions - new, never used
  • Emlid Reach
  • Tallysman multi-GNSS antenna

The Phantom 4 Timing link is by Simon Allen of Spatial Analytics.
It suits a Phantom 4 or Phantom 4 Pro.
It is brand new and has never been powered up or fitted.
In preparation for use, I shaped the plastic antenna bracket with a Dremel to provide extra clearance (safety) from the Phantom 4 props.

Some links for the Phantom 4 system:

Here’s where I bought it

PDF showing how to set it up

The Emlid Reach has never been used in the field.
It has been operated in the office to confirm correct operation.
So it’s essentially new.

If I recall correctly, the total cost was over 500 Australian dollars.
Say half price 250 or nearest offer.
Will separate.

PM me for details.


As you make the payment I’m interested

Did you ever make this system work? I also bought from him but I could never get it to work and the support was very poor. i already gave up this timing system.

Hi, I’m surprised by that because Simon seems very responsive to questions on this forum and also to questions I’ve asked in private messages. Maybe ask questions on this forum so everyone can benefit from his responses. Also then he’s not having to spend valuable time having many parallel conversations for a product that is extremely low cost… compared to say a $50,000 RTK eBee!!

To answer your question:
No, I have not powered up this unit.

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