Fixed Position For Base

How do I achieve a fixed position for the base using Emlid Caster? Ideally to output via LoRa to the rover.

If your base is set up over a known position, such as a surveyor’s monument, then you don’t need a fixed solution on your base. The base takes the raw gps signals and the known coordinates that you input into the base to compute a correction that is sent to your rover. The rover is the only unit that needs a fixed solution.

Also, Emlid Caster is used to send base corrections to the rover via a NTRIP server, which uses the internet or a local network to send corrections to the rover, while LoRa uses radio signal to send the corrections.

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Hi Josh,

Oh, I didn’t notice that you created a separate thread at first and answered you here.

As @snillor999 said, Emlid Caster can be used when your base is set on a point with known coordinates, for example. In this case, with the caster, you can pass the corrections to the rover via the internet and achieve absolute accuracy.

But to place the base via NTRIP, you need to get corrections from NTRIP Service (CORS).

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