Does base and rover fix automatically?

Yes, when all settings and corrections align. You have to have it setup correctly, before a fix can be obtained.

Hi @Giorgi_Shatirishvili,

To make the base and rover work together, you need to pre-configure everything as described in this guide from our docs.

To get the fixed solution, you also need to make sure the devices are placed in the area where they get enough sky view to calculate the solution.

Does it need to do these actions every time I start them or for the first time only?

All the settings are saved in the ReachView so this is a one-time procedure. However, if you change the base location, it’s better to re-average base’s position or enter the new coordinates manually each time you set it up.

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OK. Thank you❤️

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Is this guide same for this? Reach_400x400-400x380

I have got this type of gps so is the guide you hav esent same for my emlid reach?

Yes, however, you need to make the boards communicate, so the rover will get corrections from the base.
On RS+ and rs2, this is done using the built-in lora antenna, but the reach board doesn’t have that built-in.

Hi @Giorgi_Shatirishvili,

For a couple of Reach Module devices, you can follow this guide.

Please note that you’ll need a couple of external radios to configure RTK link between 2 Reach Module devices. You can learn more on external radio connection in this article.

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