First update of RS+

I’ve holded the power button for 3 seconds but the blue light is not like a video

Which product do you have problems with?

Hi @fadhlyarafat84,

Do you have a Reach RS+ device? May I ask you to share the video of LED’s behavior when you try to turn it on?

I have rs+. led lights are ok. but at this time single status

Hi @fadhlyarafat84,

Can you please share the Simple System report from the device?

Extrac whre

I followed the instructions but it didn’t work

Hello @fadhlyarafat84 ,
was there an issue with generating a simple report and sharing it?

For update my rs+.after the update the rover and base cannot be connected (single satus). I have tried “simple system report” but it not wotk

How doesn’t it work? Does it fail to generate the report? Fail to download the report?

Generate report succses copied. Download full report succses.

Sooo, what is the problem?

Rover and base single solution radio are not connected
Not fix or float

Please upload the Simple system report to this thread, so we can take a look :slight_smile:

after copying where the simple report is pasted and where the full report is downloaded where. because I copied a simple report and downloaded using Android

Hi @fadhlyarafat84,

After copying the Simple Report, you can paste it here or you can paste it to any text editor, save it and upload here as well.

Regarding the Full System Report, on Android it’s more likely you will find this file in My Files/Downloads or in My Files/Internal Storage/Download folders. Please send the Full System Report to me in the private messages as it contains sensitive information.

It’d also be helpful if you could share the photos of your hardware setup and the environmental conditions. It’s essential in order to understand why the rover doesn’t get a fix. May I ask you to upload the raw data logs from both the base and the rover as well?

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