File format intergration with LSS

I use the LSS software provided by Mcarthy Taylor in the UK, its fantastic software for producing DTM. I asked them about downloading from the Reach RS+ so that I could process my data through there software. At the moment I download from my Leica TCRP robotic as a .frt file and run it through the software, is there a routine or future expansion to include this third party software as a download option as LSS is widely used within the UK. They did reply asking if Emlid wanted to get in touch they may well look at intergration files for there system. Currently alltrimble, leica and topcon can be run through it.

Hi @rowleysurveying,

Thanks for providing this idea! We’ll check what we can do about it.

However, if the software supports the generic NMEA input via the Bluetooth there should be no issues in integrating Reach with it.

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