Field Workflow - Lora & NTRIP Corrections


I’m thinking of changing my on-site workflow for drone flights and would like to know if the following workflow will work. I am hoping someone, perhaps @chascoadmin can provide any feedback…

  1. Setup RS2 base on a known point (which is a few kms away from flight area) and have it send corrections to RS2 rover via Lora
  2. Place GCPs within flight area and tag them as they are placed with the RS2 Rover
  3. After GCP’s are tagged and the rover is still receiving corrections from the base, set rover to simultaneously provide corrections output via local NTRIP caster to the Phantom 4 RTK’s controller.

To summarize…

  1. Can my rover output corrections to my drone via local NTRIP caster while simultaneously receiving corrections from base via Lora.

  2. If so, will this negatively affect accuracy?

I think to simplify what it sounds like you are doing is just traversing a known point to the site. I would,

Setup the base as you described manually setting the coordinates to match the known point.
Travel to the site and set at least two points on opposite ends of the site and then just move you base to one of those points. If you take good 10 minute shots for the new base control you should be able to setup the base on one and check in to the other point. I would go back and shoot the original base point at least the first time you set everything up on site.

I have never seen any real advantage over this method vs continually receiving corrections to the base. Depending on the shape and size of the site we might do as many as 6 GCP/Base points so we always have one to occupy and 5 for checkpoints.


After traversing a new control point on site by using the rover to observe for 10minutes, are you saying to go physically pick up the base and set it on the new control?

Or to just change the rover settings in base mode so it is now acting as a base on the new control?

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Either but I like to pick up the base. This less time it is far from me the better.

Hi Nelson,

Michael chose the language of facts to speak with you :wink: Can’t really add anything to it.

Reach unit can simultaneously receive the corrections and send its own data to another receiver. In your case, it’s also true. You might want to move the base physically closer or carefully set up a second base there. Everything’s up to you and which way of work is more comfortable for you.


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