Feature request - send a trigger message for each timemark to arducopter

It would be great if Reach would send a trigger messages to Arducopter so I could monitor that in MissionPlanner and use it for quick georeferencing

Hi Tobias,

Reach is able to trigger the camera, but it can’t send cam messages to Ardupilot. Usually, Ardupilot is able to trigger the camera too, so it generates its own cam messages, included in Ardupilot logs. Overall, it isn’t feasible to provide this feature by Reach.

Hi Tatiana,

can’t you send such a message via the ERB protocoll?

It would be a very important feature because I would know that the camera was really released. I guess many mappers would like such a feature.


This can be achieved by integrating camera with autopilot. Is there a specific reason why you don’t want to use camera trigerring with Ardupilot?


excuse me, that was my fault.

I’m already triggering the camera with Arducopter. But the hotshoe is connected to Reach to trigger a timemark. What I’m missing is a trigger! message. It would be great if Reach could send a trigger message to Arducopter so one can be shure that the camera has been triggered.

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Thanks for your feature request, we’ll look into this. However, I am not sure if we’ll be able to implement this feature in the nearest releases.

Can’t we connect both Reach and autopilot port to the hotshoe feedback ?

I did that, but the result is not what I want, I also want to know that Reach has recorded a time mark.

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