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Feature request: logic on time mark pin

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@tobias-dahms here is the function:

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Thank you very much!


Tobias, i’d like to add 3 simple things if I may for my custom program.

-default to WGS84LLh as selected output when program starts.
-if you can implement the photoscan output file, i’d like to have it add the base to the top of the file as ‘BASE00000001’ with sdE, N and H of 0.005m.
-also could it check the time gap between first and second photo and if it exceeds 15 seconds then it drop the calculated H coordinate by 0.3m.

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@wsurvey I didn’t had the time at the weekend because I needed to go flying at on of our experimental sites. Very bad weather indeed, only 2x 30 minutes with the possibility to realize the flights.

I will not have time before next week to do further work on the program. But I will realize these functions and other features over the holidays.

If you or others have additional ideas feel free to contribute!


no problems Tobias. whether you’re successful or not i’ve donated to AMF.

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Great, thank you very much! I will be successful, it only a matter of finding time which I can allocate to the project.


[ whoops: I posted this response to the 1st post of the thread and just realized I’m a little late for the party :man_shrugging: ]

Off the top of my head, would a CMOS logic inverter do the job for you? It would just invert the signal and cause a tiny signal delay of no more than 20us (0.00002s).

I found this one here:

They charge about $0.30 for it I think. They are so cheap, it would be a terrible waste of resources to even order one. :laughing:

You would just give it 5V on the Vcc pin and ground on the GND pin, then hook Y to Reach and A to your input signal.

I’m not telling you this particular chip will work for the application here. I’m just giving you the idea… :slight_smile:

For this one, search “555 timer.” There are probably hundreds of circuit examples out there for this versatile chip. You may find something pre-made with adjustment knobs or a digital display, etc. You could also make something extremely tiny that could be mounted under a small bump of heat-shrink tubing on your cable using just the chip and a couple of resistors and capacitors.

The 555 could be set up to listen for a trigger signal, then delay and produce an inverted response signal. It could do the whole job for you (except travel backwards in time :slight_smile: ).

There are probably more advanced integrated chips these days that don’t need external components, but you would have to search for those yourself.

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@wsurvey: could you upload (or send via PM or email) some of your P4 images, may 4 images at the beginning of a mission where the first image is an image you would like to be dropped? If possible I would also like to have the coresponding event file.

I need them to write/test my script which reads the exif data and compares it with the event data.

thx, Tobias


hi Tobias. Need to get into work for that. Next day or so and I’ll have it.

if this is for my custom request, then the script should only rely on the event file; if it’s not in the event file then it’s not in the photoscan camera control file as an accurate control station.

there would be a few different tests it could be based on. e.g. v=0m/s and elevation 20m less than, say, the 10th photo. or v=0m/s and 15 seconds before the next photo.

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