Feature request: logic on time mark pin

(Igor Vereninov) #84

@tobias-dahms here is the function:


Thank you very much!


Tobias, i’d like to add 3 simple things if I may for my custom program.

-default to WGS84LLh as selected output when program starts.
-if you can implement the photoscan output file, i’d like to have it add the base to the top of the file as ‘BASE00000001’ with sdE, N and H of 0.005m.
-also could it check the time gap between first and second photo and if it exceeds 15 seconds then it drop the calculated H coordinate by 0.3m.


@wsurvey I didn’t had the time at the weekend because I needed to go flying at on of our experimental sites. Very bad weather indeed, only 2x 30 minutes with the possibility to realize the flights.

I will not have time before next week to do further work on the program. But I will realize these functions and other features over the holidays.

If you or others have additional ideas feel free to contribute!