Feasibility of Reach RTK for racecar data logging

I’m investigating using the Reach RTK kit alongside an IMU to log data for a FSAE car. (essentially a student built open wheel car)
I’m hoping to use this data for a few things:

  • Accurate driven line reconstruction (no drift from lap to lap)
  • Accurate (<50ms) timing without external equipment
  • Measurement of wheel slip
  • As a ‘base’ to compare other parameters between laps and setup changes

My current plan is to set up the Reach rover on the car, at its fastest update rate (8hz?), and fuse the data with a 9dof IMU (currently the STM iNemo SOB)
I’m hoping that with this combination, and some type of EKF, i will be able to get ~10cm accurate position data at a rate of roughly 100hz.
Is this feasible with the Reach hardware (and probably an external controller to do the calculations and log the data)

Some additional questions…

  • What effect does speed (0-130kmh) have on the accuracy of the reported (RTK) position?
  • What delay can I expect between the RTK fix and the actual position?