Fault Finding

Emlid haven’t made much of this but there is a raw ublox datasteam on port 2000 of each reach RTK or reach RS unit.
So What?
Well, one of the biggest problems when getting going is itchy fingers, changing a setting really does set the AR back to zero and then you have to wait a while to let things settle down and the diagnostics are a little limited.

So I point RTKNAVI at the port (say and can run a parallel rtk calculation with the reach data, leave the reach chugging away trying to get fix while I look at what is going on. From RTKNAVI I can spawn a number of RTKplots to look at various aspects. I can also choose the position of my reference station if for example the Ref station header outputs ITRF2014 coords I can fix the reference in realtime to the GDA94 coords (I am in Australia).

Lots of little tweaks you can look at ahead of stopping the reach calculations and re-starting them.


Yeah, this is where if often find my self, jumping around trying different settings.
Great tips more users should play around with.

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