Failed Static Post Processing on Trimble Business Center


I tried to post processing Reach M2 static data in Trimble Business Center software, but it always failed. It says " Processing failed due to invalid parameters". The RINEX version is 3.03 (I converted it using RTKLib), and the TBC version is 5.20. The Reach M2 firmware is 26.2. I tested on a very short baseline (about 3 meters) with 17 minutes survey duration.

I’ve tried to update the Trimble Configuration Utility, but that didn’t help. I also tried to use the IGS satellite ephemeris, but still failed.

Uniquely, the data processing is successful if I use a GNSS receiver from another brand (in this case Leica) paired with a Reach M2 receiver forming a baseline. So I think this should be not a major problem, the data still can be used, but I haven’t been able to get a hint.

Here I attached the UBX files. Thank you very much for your help!

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I’ve had the same problem Fanani. We have a copy of TBC, I wish we never bought it. The former TGO was easier to work with than TBC in my opinion. TBC doesn’t get used much here, but it’s a backup if needed. We’ve got Javad Justin 3 and I really like it as we have all Javad gear here. I’ve had problems with the conversion of M2 files to work in Justin 3. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I think UBLOX needs to provide their own RINEX converter. Most GNSS manufacturers do. I’ve never understood why they haven’t.

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Hi Fanani,

We saw such an issue before and found out that TBC requires integer intervals in RINEX files. You can achieve that if you specify the -TADJ=0.1 option in the Receiver Options while converting UBX to RINEX in RTKConv:


Sweet, it works flawlessly… thanks a lot, Svetlana!

Now I know why when using a Leica receiver the data processing is successful, because the data rate in Leica receiver was 30 seconds. So in future I will set the data rate to 1 Hz when doing static survey.

@EBE111057 try it Bryan! I hope you get the same results!


@svetlana.nikolenko hii… when i tried to process my static data this is what i get… do you have any idea what went wronf?

Hi! same problem here, did you tried to set the data rate to 1 Hz when doing static survey??? worked?

I download the RAW rinex files directly from base and rover (I dont really see the point converting ubx to rinex)

Hi @adan-cardona
I actually haven’t try with 1 Hz. I will try in the next few days and share the result here.

Hi @johanneslo,

I’m not that experienced in errors that TBC shows. However, I’d assume that the unit was moving while the log was recorded. Is there any chance it was?

Hi @adan-cardona,

Have you tried the -TADJ option I described above?

hi @svetlana.nikolenko, not yet, next saturday I´m going try both techniques.

To speak of truth, if changing the data rate to 1hz works good I´m ok, I see no point on converting ubx to rinex instead of just download the rinex directly.

hey @surveinusantara Waiting for the results! thank you.

Hi @adan-cardona, i have tried to do static survey with M2 at 1 Hz, but the processing still failed without -TADJ option. Sorry for late reply, I just finished my field survey.

Thanks for the reply @surveinusantara,

@svetlana.nikolenko do you know what changed? last december I did process my rinex 2.11 files directly in Trimble Business Center with no problems or workarounds

Same Emlid RS+ Recievers (Reachview 2 was version 21 now is 26)
Same Trimble Business Center Version (5.20)

The only thing that changed is Reachiew app version… is there some place to report this issue for the emlid team to fix it?

Hi Adan,

Honestly, I doubt that the ReachView version is the reason here. However, there should be another logical explanation. Do you have logs from the last December? Can you share them along with the latest ones? Comparing them would be the first step in this investigation.


Thanks for replying @svetlana.nikolenko,

Saddly, no… my hard drive died and lost all my work… the only thing I realized was that the extension of the unzipped rinex files changed.

Hi Adan,

I’ve double-checked that we didn’t change anything that may affect processing in TBC. Also, I know processing with -TADJ option was required before the RINEX extension was changed. So, most likely, it was related to some specific RINEX, but I can’t say more since I didn’t see these files. Anyway, if you notice the same once again, share the files. We’ll check them!

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