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Hi dear community,

I’m looking to set the RS2 as a permanent base station. The best practice seems to set the power on the external power and not on the USB slot for reliability purpose.

In that case, do you have examples on how to connect the power outlet to the RS2 ? Some pictures would be appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks a lot !

Thanks a lot David ! I don’t know much about cable building like this. Could you please give some details about the method ? What is connected inside ?

We connected a USB end onto it

External power supply via that port is 6-40 volt DC per their data sheet. It doesn’t have to be USB powered. I would use a AC/DC converter and put 12 V to the power lines.

correct . I just wanted usb to quickly plug into say even a battery but a converter would be a awesome way to go , Didn’t think of that one

Thanks JP, that’s nice ! I’ll let the topic open if ever some people want to share their experience here.

Do you know if the battery will charge using power applied to pin #9, 5-40v input? If so, among pins 1, 2 and 3, is there a preferred ground to be used?

Maybe an Emlid team member could share his/her own experience on such a case ? That would be great :wink: Thanks !

I wouldn’t use a battery charger. Either an old power supply for a laptop or just buy a AC/DC converter, they are cheap

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Hi Florian,

You can set up your own base, as our users mentioned. To do so, you can use the external RS-232 connector. Following this pinout scheme, you can connect the device to your power supply. Please note that the supplied voltage should not exceed 40 V.

You can use one of our cables to provide the power supply to Reach RS2:

The choice between them depends on the setup and on the power supply you decide to use. You might want to use the USB on the other end of the cable as David suggested or, as @jp-drain-sol mentioned, work with the AC/DC converter.

I’m afraid we don’t have any more specific recommendations. I believe it depends on the desired setup you’re planning to work in. Hopefully, we will see more examples from our users in this thread.


Hi @robuell,

You can supply the power to the Pin 9 of the connector. There’s no difference among the GND pins so you can choose the most convenient one for your setup.


Thank you for the information Polina.

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Thanks Polina, I made it with the AC/DC adaptator, some cables and Wago connectors.


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