Extension Connector Reach RS?

What is this mainly used for?

Thank you!

  1. RS232 serial data (for position output, correction input, etc.)
  2. Charging input (variable input from 5 to 40 Volts DC, like from a solar panel)
  3. Power output for a 5 Volt device (such as an external radio, etc.)
  4. Event marking trigger (places a marker in the raw data log at that precise time)
  5. PPS signal output (one pulse per second) for timing applications.

Could you connect two 3V solar panels that are connected in series to a Reach RS unit?

By my math, that is 6 Volts, so sure!

I don’t know what the open circuit voltage of your 3 Volt panels are, but as long as they don’t go above 40V and can hold at least 5V under load, then there’s nothing to worry about.


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