Exporting data with HDOP VDOP TDOP, Baseline distance, Mountpoint etc

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Could I export raw data of a stored point from ReachView app as the .rw5 file. It should containg all the details of the point, from the Correction received, mountpoint, distance to base, HDOP VDOP TDOP etc. I need to mention that it’s possible if using Carlson SurvCE as survey software (but I don’t own one), but my question is if it’s possible from ReachView.

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Hi Mihai,

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In the meantime, we don’t have this feature in ReachView. The export in CSV format provides the following info:

  • Easting, Northing, Elevation

  • Easting, Northing, Elevation and Lateral RMS values

  • Antenna height

  • Solution status

  • Averaging start and end

Could you please clarify, what is the purpose of the DOP values in your use-case?

Additionally, the Reach receivers could be integrated with the Carlson SurvCE software. We have a corresponding guide in our docs.

Thank you Artem for your response. I know the integration with SurvCe. And probably this is the best thing. I need to export all the data when I store a point, from accuracy to the rtk method used, more like de .rw5 from SurvCe. I was wondering if I can have something similar but from reach. I understand know. Maybe a future development for the raw files output.

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Thank you for your request. It will be noted.

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