Event38 integrates Emlid Reach and starts providing ready-to-go PPK mapping solution

Originally published at: https://emlid.com/event38-integrates-emlid-reach-starts-providing-ready-go-ppk-mapping-solution/

Event38 now offers Emlid Reach upgrade to its vast fleet of UAVs aimed on providing ready-to-go PPK mapping solution. Reach PPK enabled system is able to deliver centimeter-level accurate 3D models without use of ground control points.

Emlid and Event38 products are a natural fit as both offer professional performance at an affordable price. Emlid will provide Reach and Reach RS receivers, while Event38 will bring its leading expertise into upgrading the E384/6 aircrafts with PPK mapping bundles. Integration of the Reach system enables map collection at centimeter level precision. Check out the case study conducted by Event38 to learn more about the system’s real world accuracy tests.

Both E384 and E386 may be now upgraded with a mapping kit which includes Reach installation, precise timing integration and utility for post-processing and image tagging. Recently released Reach RS receiver is used as the PPK base station. Existing Event38 users can send their aircraft and camera for an upgrade, recalibration and test flight.

If you were thinking of starting drone mapping - it’s never been easier to get survey grade results so don’t miss the opportunity. PPK mapping bundles are now available on Event38 website with discounts.