ESCs are rapidly beeping a few seconds after I plugged them in

I am following a Udemy course online. Obviously I can’t show the video here because it is a sold item. But I have a video below. does anyone know what is going on here?

First problem, The normal beeping has never stopped even though I have calibrated all ESCs multiple times.

Second problem, I believe the process for making a drone with the navio2 is mostly the same for everyone. Hopefully, some of you will know what I’m talking about when I say I was setting up the drone in Mission Planner and the beeping became more frequent as shown in the video.Video

I would download the instructions for your ESC’s. This should tell you what it refers to. Could be: Over voltage, under voltage, incorrect cells programmed,(you may have a 3 cell battery but ESC may be set up for 2 cells), … no signal received from controller…
Have you tried to directly connect it to RC receiver just to see what happens?
…Another thing could be that your transmitter is on throttle high setting when turning system on. --> Most ESC’s expect throttle to be at low setting when system is powered up.

Hi Frederic,

As Karl has already said, these signals is the way ESCs give feedback on their status. To know for sure, you need to check their specs. There should be a table that describes the meaning of each sound. A manufacturer might also have a video with samples.

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