Emulating Windows GPS with Reach


I’m trying to do something similar to this: https://docs.emlid.com/reachrs/common/tutorials/mock-location/ (Replace Android internal GPS with Reach), but with Windows. I’m trying to get Reach RS+ to act as the primary “internal” GPS for Windows 10 Tablet, so that I could the utilize the location in web app (web location API). Has anybody got any similar projects, and did you manage to solve it this way?

Reach -> NMEA over BT or USB -> ?maybe some windows driver? -> browser accessing the location of the device -> use location api of the web browser

I have found this: https://www.gpssensordrivers.com/ (GPSComplete), but I’m having some trouble setting it up. With Bluetooth it is always saying “Waiting for Fix”.

Was wondering if people had successfully used GPSComplete with Reach, or emulated Windows location with Reach some other way.

Hi @antonsimola,

Have you tried to repeat it with another app?

Could you post screenshots of ReachView Position output and BT tabs?

If would be great if you also share all your step-by-step action with screenshots.

Sadly I haven’t found any other NMEA mock location driver for Windows. Basically the issue is with the GPComplete driver here as I found out today. I can get the raw NMEA messages through Bluetooth right now. I’m going to use different approach and parse the NMEA in tiny web application server, then use websockets to stream those to the client.

So now it’s working like this:

Reach -> NMEA bluetooth to tablet -> web server installed to tablet that reads Bluetooth serial port, parses NMEA and publishes via websockets to JS client -> show location on the map in browser in real time.

This is working OK, but I feel like I’m making a hack :smiley:

So basically nothing wrong with Reach per se, but it would be really awesome if there was some Windows location driver that would enable Reach as the “internal” GPS sensor! I think that would be most elegant solution in my use case.

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Have you tried GPS bluetooth https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/gps-bluetooth/9nblggh0b1hs#activetab=pivot:overviewtab

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