Emlid tribrach

Hi all. I am sure this has been asked before but here goes. I am look for recommendations for a tribrach to work with my emlid reach rs that can fit onto my servay tripod for my base. Please post links if possible. Thank you

I got mine off ebay… plenty of stuff to get there, at good prices.

The newer laser-ones are easier to place, but harder to place with milimeter accuracy.
The ones with optical plummet are more precise and easier to use in direct sunlight, though not as quick to setup.

I would also recommend to get a tribrach with a very precise level as well as the normal round level.
You base placement precision dictates a direct placement offset for all your concurrent measurements.

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Surveying-equipment-Leica-GDF6-Tribrach-With-Optical-Plummet-Prism-Fitting/274353094512?hash=item3fe0b7ff70:g:6wgAAOSwTnBcftPY this could be an option?

Will this fit onto my emlid reach rs?

yes, if you get the Emlid 15 cm extension rod, and use your included brass adapter.

Cool where can I get a rod from?

right here: https://store.emlid.com/product/reach-rs2-extension-pole/

(I can personally recommend it, and verify that it is exactly 150 mm as well)

Just bought it.

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Is there any adapter for M2 antenna to fit with tribrach?

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Tiger Supplies https://www.tigersupplies.com/Departments/Surveying-Equipment.aspx?gclid=Cj0KCQjwwr32BRD4ARIsAAJNf_1e7qQXbvosMAizKjSPFG7hYUZ3cr6NjeFu5wB09cler52Ym_oofAYaAk0sEALw_wcB

has some resonably priced tribrachs and adapters. Not as good as Wild Heerburg quality, but good for typical surveying. There is no mount for the M2 helical antenna, but see post here

The RS2 has the standard 5/8" threading, so it will fit most standard surveying accessories.

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