EMLID to State Plane coordinates US Survey FT

I have combed thru the titles here, but either I am missing it or there isn’t a specific question.

I have both the RS2 and RS+. I want to batch convert the data to state plane coordinates. How can I do this quickly and accurately?

Right now in QGIS, but I am sure that it is in planning to transform on-the-fly. In QGIS start a new project, set the project CRS to what the data is derived from (wgs84) and once you have the points or shapefile created just Save As/Export to your desired coordinate system.

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That worked, thank you! Global Mapper works too, just haven’t seen a batch command.
My last issue is elevations. I am not a surveyor…pretty obvious…but, why cant the RS2 give me state plane and correct elevations real time as it does when I rent a GPS unit from topcon, trimble, spectra, etc? Am I just missing a setting?

Ha, never mind. I read some of your last posts and see that you had the same issues. What do you use to resolve the elevation issues in bulk?

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