Emlid studio - understanding post-process quality

Hello Friends. I am trying the Emlid Studio, really this software is great, however, I hope in the future include two things:

  1. The ability to analize at least two or three vectors. It is so important when you have one base to correct and two base or cors as references.

  2. The reports with Emlid logo, whit more information about adjust and quality of observations, and antennas info.

Finally, I would like if someone could help me with any document to understand and analyze the quality of observations, results and graphs Emlid Studio reports.

Thanks, regards from Panama!!!


Hi Jaime,

Thanks, it’s always nice to see positive feedback!

As for your request about analyzing vectors, can you describe it in more detail? Should it look like a report? What information should it contain?

Regarding your second point, you can check the quality of observations if you open a row data log in Emlid Studio. Also, antennas info is usually in the observation file. Did I understand it right that you want to get this info as a report after post-processing? What do you need such a report for? Maybe you have an example of what it should look like. This would be very helpful.

And, certainly, you can always reach out to us for help. If your files contain personal information, you can email us at support@emlid.com. Then I can take a look and give you more detail on observations quality :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Elena and Jamie,

Here in Brazil, for some cadastral government agencies, a summary of corrections adjustments is requested and how the procedure was done, an example of a report generated in the government system follows.
rspe2341.20o.pdf (750.1 KB)

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Hi Rul,

Thank you for the info and file you shared! It makes sense. I’ll take your thoughts into account and pass them to the team!


I looked at the report you sent and have a few questions:

  • You sent the report from IBGE (PPP service). Is the report required only for PPP or also for PPK?
  • Do your cadastral agencies require PDF, or do they support other formats?
  • Which values and charts must be included?

These answers would help us better understand your request.

Hi, all right, let’s get to the answers.

The IBGE service is for PPP only
When agencies request a report, it can be PDF, if they require raw data, XLS or equivalent
Insertion of graphics and optional, usually ask how you arrived at the results, statistics, deviations, corrections, formulas etc.


Rul, essa é uma dúvida que eu tambem tenho. Principalmente quando se tem que preencher os sigmas da planilha do SIGEF.
Já tentei interpretar os dados do arquivo .pos gerado no RTKlib pra encontrar os sigmas mas essa dúvida me persegue até hoje.

Oi Caique

Acredito que para nós Brasileiros, que utilizamos os equipamentos para georeferenciamento rural, estes dados são de suma importância, se ainda pudermos utilizar com correção em PPK, aí é maravilha.

Hi Rul,

I’m sorry I ask my first question incorrectly. I mean, do your cadastral agencies require reports for both PPP and also for PPK?

About this:

Would that be suitable for you if the report contains the settings with which the data was processed? Do you have an example of a PPK report? It’d help us deal better with your request.

And guys, could you please keep our discussion in English in the public part of the forum? This way, everyone can participate in the conversation.

UPD. Fixed the typos

Yes. they ask for the sigmas of the coordinates tracked with the rover too, after the ppk process, to fill a table with the corrected vertices.

Hi Caique,

Can I ask you to clarify what is the sigmas of the coordinates tracked? Do you mean the root mean square error (RMSE)?

Hi there,

I’ve just come across your thread and thought we had a similar discussion a while ago:

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