Emlid. Reachview3

We purchased 2 RS2 units about a year ago. We are a small firm and this is our first experience with RTK. We love our units, other surveyors that we know that have used RTK for years and spent 10 times as much for their system know ours are better than theirs. No wires, no expensive windows based data collectors. Free software amassed them and they totally flipped out learning that my data collector is also my phone. I now have an edge and yesterday a friend who has a larger survey company needed to borrow my Emlid RS2. Was fun showing him how it worked.


What kind of firm? Are you using a local base and rover or rover with CORS?

Hi @leebodces,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us! We’re always happy to learn that you enjoy working with our units :slight_smile:

Will you perhaps be able to share some photos with us next time you are surveying? We would love to learn more about your field projects with RS2!


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