Emlid Reach RTK from 2017 failed, reflashing fails

Hi all,
As the title says i have an Emlid Reach RTK which failed after serving as a base for ~2 years 24x7 (and proving data via rtk2go, a service that cannot be praised enough :-)).
“Failed” means it didn’t come up anymore. The usual procedure seems to re-flash which i try hard, newest flash-tool and firmware v2.22.3.
The RTK is detected, flashing starts, at 50% the RTK reboots and Flashtool reports failure. I own a second RTK where flashing works, so i assume PC, USB, Cable, Flashtool & Image are ok.
I read several threads here, but to be honest i’m pretty confused as they are either pretty old or care about other hw type.
Can anybody pls. point me to some info that allows me to either investigate (and hopefully fix) the issue further or (not prefered :-/) determine the affected RTK as broken?
Thanks in advance,
br Johann

Hi Johann,

Could you share with us the logs from flasher so we can look into why it stuck on the 50% stage?

To access flasher logs on Windows PC, you can follow these steps:

  1. Press Win + R
  2. The Run window should appear
  3. Paste this string into the Run window: AppData\Local\Emlid\Reach Firmware Flash Tool\logs

It should open the folder with flasher logs.

Thanks for the quick reply!
Ahhh, logs.
12.03.2020_07-51-52.zip (3.8 KB)
Reads like a problem with edison. What’s a DFU? I’m sure with your experience you’re faster than me google’ing :-). I really appreciate your support!
br Johann

Ho Johann,

We’ll check the logs, thanks for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face:

DFU (device firmware update) is the mode in which the device is ready for reflashing.

In the meantime, may I ask you to try other USB cables/USB ports on this PC? Sometimes, it may help in such a situation.

As i’ve mentioned i’ve already tried several cables and flashing a second device works well.
But as you’ve asked to try a second PC i even did that. And it lead to the exact same behaviour, Logs attached,
br Johann
13.03.2020_07-49-03.zip (3.3 KB)

Hi Johann,

I’ve just sent you in PM a test we’d like to ask you to accomplish with the device. It’s more likely it’ll help to resolve the initial issue.

Please keep me posted.

It seems there is a hardware issue with the device.