Emlid Reach RS3 No Solution Error

We are using 2 emlid reach RS3 receivers. Then we established one of our receiver over a know point and checked the status page. It showing only 7-10 satellites and the solution was “No Solution”.
Then we checked with our second receiver at same location. It captured about 35-40 satellites and solution was single. It’s working perfectly.
So what could be happened to our receiver. Simply it showing no solution.

Hi @sangeethisurumapa,

It looks like I am in touch with one of your colleagues via email. I saw exactly these screenshots in a different report. Here are some questions and steps that can help us investigate what is going on.

Was it like this for the Reach RS3 base from the beginning? Or did it work well before? If so, when did the issue start?

Please record the logs on the units so that I can check what is going on:

  1. Place the base and the rover outdoors with no obstacles nearby.
  2. Record 10-15 minute raw data log in UBX format with Raw data debug option enabled and position log in LLH format.
  3. Generate full system reports from both units right after the logs recording and send all the data to me at support@emlid.com.
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Actually this is the first time we faced this. Also this is a new kit. We did some survey things week ago. It was working perfectly. No issue.
And regarding the data logging,
Data is not logged in the base receiver. Because it has no solution. Because of that data logging is not starting. Will it be started after enable “raw data logging” option?

I see, thanks! I assume that enabling raw data debug won’t help start the logging in this case. But let’s try it.

After that, can you please send me just the full system reports from both units at support@emlid.com?

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okay sure…

On the 2nd receiver shown above you have the IMU/Tilt turned ON, and it’s also waiting for corrections to be supplied from somewhere. The IMU is OFF on the first receiver, as is the correction input.

Try setting both the IMU and correction input to OFF on the receiver you’re having a problem with.

I’d hazard a guess that one of your colleagues has tried to set up one of the RS3’s as a Base and the other as a Rover, but hasn’t quite managed it.

Hope that helps

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I received the logs from you, @sangeethisurumapa. Thanks!

I’ll check the data and get back with my thoughts.

I agree with the idea from Nick, by the way. Can you please disable IMU on your Reach RS3 base and check whether it changes anything?

I have already checked that. But nothing changed

I’ve reached out to you with the further details via email. Let’s continue communication there.