Emlid Reach RS2 as Base Station

Maybe EMLID can? ; )

I have an ongoing discussion with the Emlid team but no fix so far.
I understand that if they don’t have the exact same 3rd party rover it is difficult to troubleshoot.

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Hi there,

Yes, I just want to confirm that we’re investigating the issue with @vgo195. It takes us a while since we don’t have much experience working with 3rd-party devices. However, I can say that issue isn’t related to P-codes.

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Hmmmm… might be a good idea to invest in a few of these pricey 3rd party devices to know their inner workings… (even if older cheaper used items) especially since EMLID is and has been biting at the heals of these over-priced $$$$$ competitors. Their days are numbered and they know it as technology maxes out. But hey, thanks to high priced construction and government projects, it will be a good while. Most surveyors, engineers, construction companies will NOT use anything but $$$$$$$ Trimble, Leica, Topcon etc.

You could even rent some of these $$$$$ devices if need be.

Same for software, really. I often find myself talking to a wall when it comes to promoting QGIS over ESRI’s offer because being “free”. The former is still mostly as powerful, more flexible, and yes, mostly free (but you can directly fund certain features if you want to contribute, like NRCAN actually did one of two years ago). Inertia is hard to beat.


This (supporting P-code) would be beneficial for some machine control applications using Leica/Topcon gear.

Should you choose to do the implantation, would one be able to track L2P and L2C at the same time?

Hi Christian,

Sorry for not being clear enough! I understand your point regarding some machine control applications. However, Reach doesn’t support L2P signals from the hardware side. That’s why we can’t add L2P support in addition to L2C for Reach RS2.

Hi guys.
Today I did a test with legacy messages and a novatel oemv receiver worked with M2 base!
I had it tested with the beta firmware when the legacy messages first was supported but the receiver stayed float all the time. Then I didn’t bother with it again because i had already got a new receiver so no need for legacy messages.
But today I did the test with firmware 26.2 and the novatel receiver fixed in a few seconds. I thought that the lack of L2P was the problem but it seems to utilize the corrections.
That’s good news!


Here is a small video showing the Fixed rover(s).
I set the M2 on my house roof and go 4km away to the test site. The base settings was legacy GPS+GLO.
I connected my two rover(s) via NTRIP to the emlid caster and you can see the results.
Both receivers fix without problem. The new receiver is Hemisphere P40 based and the legacy receiver is Novatel OEMV based.
The problem with the emlid base is that at some point it sends bad data and both receivers return to Single or Float. Check here.
No solution for this problem at the time. I hope it will be resolved.


Ok that makes more sense then. Most receivers can NTRIP from other makes. I was thinking you were talking about a local base correction over radio.

I had done local base (M2 with RFD900 radio) to a Trimble FMX. I haven’t had time to do a longer test just 30 minutes or so.

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So I guess what we are hearing is that RS2 receiver can provide corrections to other makes as long as it has a 3rd party radio that is capable of sending the correct messages as needed by the receiving brand. This has been known for a while but another way of putting it is that the RS2 by itself cannot transmit or receiver corrections to and from other brands. Personally this is amazing because there is so much GNSS equipment in use in Central Texas that we have bumped into other surveyor and contractor’s radio signal on at least two occasions even between Trimble and Topcon.

I always fire up our Trimble monitor on a job site to make sure there are not any operational base stations within range on the ID I am using, then setup my base. I have had someone else’s base running and interfere with what I was doing. Have it happen once and you learn. I had to go out and completely do another topo survey, only about an hour and a half but still wasted time.

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