Emlid Reach RS+ Won't Start

I Purcased Reach RS+ months ago ( January 18, 2019).
It was work perfectly until yesterday (June 13, 2019).
in the morning I use these devices as usual for several hours, the battery status is 97%. after the job has finished I turn them off.
In the afternoon I restarted one of the device as a rover, to download the data that has been collected, and then the problem appears. the device won’t turn on perfectly. The LED indicator flashes randomly, and does not want to stop.
I tried to turn off by force, by pressing the power button a few seconds, then then I charge a few minutes, I think the battery is drained. then I turn it on again. even worse, when I restart it, the device only blinks once. and then off
after several attempts the situation won’t getting any better.
please help me what to do
Sorry for my bad engllish


Please leave device charging for at least several hours and let us know if it helps.

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Done with the charging for about two ours, the charge indicator is blinking slower than usual. Then I start the device. The result is just the same

Please give it more time to charge. What power source do you use?

I’m using phone charger brick from lg v20. Its a fast charger. Allright I’ll be leaving it on charge all night.

Please email us on support@emlid.com serial number of this device if charging overnight doesn’t help

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Try to charge by connecting to a USB port of a desktop cause it’s more stable than a phone charger, it can take many hours and it’s normal.

Shouldn’t have to do that though? My Edison based RS receivers charge just fine with the provided usb cabel and a Samsung Note 3 block. It would be an absolute pain to have to use a PC to charge them especially while on the road. But I do understand he can TRY that to see if it works, but it should work with a standard usb cable and block.

I’d email support.

it’s just to boost the battery, I noticed that the electric charge of the desktop provided a more stable electricity, I was able to solve this kind of problems in the past by this way.
I do not like a fast charger, concerning the cable it uses the one provided by Emlid of course.

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Back to my problem, I think the problem is not in the battery, I dont know it for sure. I have done with charging overnight, and start the device. Unfortunatelly nothing happens.:weary:
I will sending you an email @dmitriy.ershov
Thank You