Emlid Reach RS+ problems with Firmware V2.22.3


After updating the Emlid Reach RS + firmware to version v2.22.3 the receivers no longer present a fixed solution in a clean 100% open place, without any obstacles.
We have already tested 4 pairs of Emlid ReachRS + and the same situation was completely impracticable with version V2.22.3.

We know the settings well, update the firmware, after resetting and reconfiguring the receivers.

It is not just a visualization bug in the solution, we test it by measuring points and making locations over reliable points.

there are at least 4 field teams unable to work well.

I believe that we do not need to send data to prove the situation.
But Emlid will test with a pair of Emlid ReachRS + that will find the same errors.

I need to give a preview of when new firmware will come out to solve the problem of the stopped people.

Hi there,

Thanks for the report. It would be great to know how you obtain corrections. Also, does the same happen with v2.23?

Corrections via lora? Yes normally as before.
The AR ratio in 1.1 goes up to 1.8 and then drops to 1.1 for example.

Before version 2.22.3 the Ar ratio went up, fixed and didn’t fall.

Hi @suporte,

It’d still be great if you uploaded the raw data log, base correction log, and position log from the rover and the raw data log from the base. This information will help us check the data quality, the data received on the rover and understand the reason for the fix issues.

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Levant 1.zip (5.5 MB) Levant 2.zip (5.2 MB) Hi,

As I don’t have the RS + equipment here. I asked one of the teams to collect points in RTK mode with the requested files.

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Hi @suporte,

Thanks for the files! We’ll check them and be in touch once there’s news.

Hello Poliana and everyone at Emlid.

Any news about the fixed solution problem with RS + with the latest firmware?
Any solution?

Hi @suporte,

We’ve released the v2.22.4 stable version. This update should help eliminate the issues that prevented you from getting successful RTK results.

Would it be possible to update your receivers to the latest release and check how it works for you?

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