Emlid Reach or Survey Data Workflow Expert Needed for Hire

Are you experienced in creating topographical maps using the Emlid Reach that allow you to visually design based off collected data? Does this type of thing keep you up at night?


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We’re looking for an expert in the Emlid Reach system or RTK post software to help with a workflow with topographical maps using surveyed data. (these will be imported to the a 3D software for landscape and site design).

This is a great opportunity to work on a quick project that has the potential to lead to consistent work.


• Experience with the Emlid Reach

• Experience with RTK post processing and workflow

• A clear understanding of digital site design.

You are able to work remotely. Let’s connect if you’re up for the challenge!

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You might wanna specify a location, or if it can be done remotely ?

@wizprod Thanks. This task can be done remotely. Are you interested in helping me out?

I don’t have the digital site design experience you are asking for. There are some on this forum that much more qualified for this.

@wizprod I am mostly looking for someone to help streamline the workflow between collecting survey points then importing to a post processing software. We would be doing most of the design on our end. Is that something you could help with? Thanks for your contribution though!

@TB_RTK Are you available / interested in something like this? Please let me know

Hi, thanks for asking. I`am afraid my schedule is overbooked for the time beeing.
But interesting project though :slight_smile:


@TB_RTK We can make it well worth you time if you can help me setup the workflow and ensure I have everything configured correctly. Please let me know - Thanks for your consideration!

I would be interested. Please PM the scope to me and I will see if I can fit it in.


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