Emlid Reach M2/M+ correct way to stop logging

Hi everyone,
Just want to make sure the Emlid Reach M2/M+ both can be disconnected from its power source while logging without losing the recording? Or do I have to connect through the ReachView (using Wi-Fi) and from there stopping the logging.
Thanks for any advice

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Log in and stop recording before powering down.

Loss of power can have unpredictable results. The data is being written to flash storage much like a usb stick on a laptop.

You might get away with undocking by pulling out without stopping the drive a few times, but sooner or later you end up with corrupted data.


Thanks for your reply. And what do you think about auto start recording? Is it safe, or it will be better to use the app and hit the start log button.

Autostart could be handy if you are doing the same workflow repetitively.

Have yet to need to use this function.

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Hi Daniel,

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After recording the log, the receiver needs time to compress and save it. If you turn the unit off before it’s finished, the logs can disappear. That’s why we recommend stopping logging and shutting down the receiver via ReachView 3 only.

Autostart function is completely safe for the unit, and you can use it without a doubt.


I can attest to losing a file. When I first got my 2 M2’S about 2 years ago, I just unplugged the power to stop the recording. I was using both as a static baseline while locating property corners, etc with my Javad receiver using the RTN. when I got back in the office to download the data, sure enough the files were missing. I learned the hard way to use the app to stop logging.

I was fortunate to have my trusted Javad Victor Triumph 2 as the rover. Didn’t have any problems locating the property corners in the woods, but I lost my baseline data to PP with against the rover as a check.

I love to PP my closed polygons ! Not many surveyors do this but closed loops and short baselines are my friends.

I have the confidence and data to back up my surveys.

Thanks Anna,
This is the same with both Reach M+ and M2 right?

Sometimes after finishing the flight, when I tried to connect to the rover it seems that the hotspot stops working and I’m unable to connect with the Reach view app, do you have any clue on how I can prevent this from happening?

Yeah, it works the same for both Reach M+ and M2.

To troubleshoot the issue you described, I need more details. What’s the LED status of the device when the issue occurs? Does Reach transmit hotspot at all? Is it possible to see it in ReachView 3?

Ok, I will try to describe my problem with the M2 as detailed as possible:
LEDs: 3 of them are on in a solid state
The reach sometimes transmit the hotspot and sometimes not.
When the hotspot is transmitting, sometimes you can find the device in RV3 but not always is able to connect to it in order to stop the logging for example.
This error occurs after the flight is done.
Thanks for any advice or support

Thanks for the details!

To investigate the hotspot issue further, please follow this guide and share a full system report from the receiver. You can send it via support@emlid.com cause it has some sensitive info.

When the hotspot is transmitting, sometimes you can find the device in RV3 but not always is able to connect to it in order to stop the logging for example.

What version of the ReachView 3 do you use? We’ve improved the receivers’ scanner in the latest 7.5 version of the app. So please update your app and check if the issue persists there.

Hi Anna, app updated to the latest version and still sometimes the RV3 doesn’t manage to connect to the rover.
Full system report sent to the provided email, thanks!

I’ve checked the logs and found that your Reach M2 has 26 firmware version. Please update Reach to 29 Stable Firmware and check if the issue still persists.

To update Reach without ReachView 3 you can access your device via ReachPanel by entering its IP in the address bar of any browser:

Hi Anna, thanks. I will check and let you know how it performs. Thanks for the support.

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