Emlid Reach M+ Or Reach RTK GNSS Module?

Good day to everyone.

I have a question on my mind. I’m thinking of buying an emlid reach m+, but I saw 2 different single-frequency emlids on the internet. What is the difference between the two? Can both trigger camera and keep ppk record?

Hi Izgi,

Reach Module (on the second picture) is our very first GNSS receiver. We don’t produce it anymore, and it was replaced with Reach M+.

Reach M+ can record logs for PPK and trigger a camera. Although, we usually suggest setting the shooting interval on a camera as it’s just easier.

Understood. So, does your first production unit keep ppk raw data records?

Hi Izgi,

Yes, it can record logs. From the functionality side, both models are almost identical. But the Reach Module has been out of production for a pretty long time. And I don’t recommend purchasing a second-hand device.

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