Emlid Photo Contest 2019—Winners Announced

Originally published at: https://emlid.com/photo-contest-2019-winners-announced/

We are happy to announce the winners of the Emlid Photo Contest 2019!

This year we received 40 amazing entries from around the globe. Thank you so much for participating! It has been great going through your fascinating projects with Reach.

And the Reach RS2 winner is…

Grzegorz Krukowski for photos from the topographical land survey in Northern Poland woods.

We also have selected ten entries who will receive swag bags with exclusive Emlid-branded items.

To claim your prize please email us at info@emlid.com.

Thanks to all of our users who participated this year and congratulations to our winners! Remember, it’s never too early to start snapping creative photos for the next year’s contest.


Congratulation to the winner. Beautiful shots !


Congratulations, although, I kinda wish the winner that was chosen didn’t already have an RS2.

And before people roast me for being a sore loser or jealous; I did NOT even enter this contest.